Find out What Your Nurse is Really Thinking

Nurse showing the true depth of her passion
In this post, I’ll pull the curtain back and let you know what your nurse is really thinking. Let’s dive right in! Sometimes we talk in riddles, hoping you’ll get it. A nurse will never outright tell you they think your doctor’s an idiot. They will never tell you your doctor used to think a quarterback was some kind of ... Read More

Find Out How to Avoid Blowing a Vein

Bruise created by multiple venipuncture sticks and no use of the illumivein vein finder
Find Out How to Avoid Blowing a Vein   It’s common for newly minted nurses to worry about blowing a vein. Your first venous blow will terrify, and you’ll feel awful. With venous blow, the needle has punctured the vein from both sides. A blown vein distresses the patient and sends your productivity into a nosedive. So in this post, ... Read More