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  • 9 High Powered LEDs
  • Red Illumination
  • Black Aluminium Body
  • Nylon Wrist Strap
  • Stylish, velvet carrying pouch
  • 3 x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


“I am a nursing student and I needed a vein finder to help me find veins. This one is way cheaper than most vein finders I found online and it does the job! It’s really useful and is the perfect tool for students. The difficult sticks are now easier for me to do. I highly recommend it!”

Mark L.

“I’ve used more expensive veins finder and this one is as effective as any other I’ve used so far. It’s pretty efficient if you have to do IVs at night or on people with darker skins. I use it mainly to do blood draw and it works really well. It’s an amazing device! I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase and I would recommend it!”

Gabrielle G.
“The best product for any healthcare professional to enhance your skills.”Liam S.

“I purchased the illumivein to help me find the straightest veins for IV’s and it works wonders. All I do is darken the room as much as I can, and the veins just pop out with the light. I mark the best ones, turn the lights back on and have success every time.”

Prateek S.

“The Illumivein light should be in the hands of anyone drawing blood. It takes a little practice at first but once you know what you are looking for, you can find a vein on almost anyone! Only downside is it requires a dark room, but all I do is turn off the lights, find the vein, mark it with a pen or surgical marker and then turn the light back on. Works like a charm.”


EASY AS 1…2…3…


Turn the Illumivein® on by pressing the button on the bottom of the device. Dim the lights as much as possible. A dark room works best


Putting gentle pressure on the skin, slowly move from side to side. Veins will show as a shadow, that will appear in the peripheral of the red glow


Once a vein (dark shadow/line) is found, resposition the Illumivein® for the best visual of the vein


Disposable Covers

50 Pack



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