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Illumivein® Premium Vein Finder

Finally a Vein Finder with superior quality in the hands of all professionals drawing blood. Illumivein® Premium features an ultra bright red led light & ideal for anyone looking to find a vein beneath the skin. The Illumivein® vein finder is easy to use and has helped over 30,000 healthcare professionals worldwide. Including nurses, phlebotomists, EMTs, and Doctors!

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featured product image files/ILLUMIVEIN-V2-Product-Shot-1.png

The First Affordable Vein Finder for Medical Professionals
Now Upgraded

The Illumivein® vein finder provides a unique, high powered red led light that can be used to help anyone locate veins beneath the skin. The new Illumivein® Premium model has even more features. Including an adjustable lens & slim aluminum design.

Illumivein® utilizes transillumination to illuminate subcutaneous tissue for a direct visual of deep veins. Ideal for patients in all settings. Including Adults, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Neonatal, Bariatric, and more!

Single High Powered
LED with red ilumination
Adjustable lens
allows larger or smaller
radius of light
Black Aluminum Body
Nylon Wrist Strap

Simple to use
Step 1
Turn the Illumivein® on by pressing the button on the bottom of the device
Step 2
Putting gentle pressure on the skin, slowly move from side to side. Veins will show as a shadow, that will appear in the peripheral of the red glow
Step 3
Once a vein (dark shadow/line) is found, resposition the Illumivein® for the best visual of the vein

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