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Find Veins
Instantly With The
Illumivein® Premium Vein Finder

Pocket-sized. Foolproof. Handheld. The premium transillumination vein finder.
Put the premium vein finder in your pocket. (Or the pockets of your nurses, phlebotomists, EMTs, or doctors.) Find veins faster. Increase patient satisfaction. At a cost so affordable, it pays for itself immediately.

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featured product image files/ILLUMIVEIN-V2-Product-Shot-1.png

The upgraded, powerful features you need.

Used as directed, it works faster and better in the field than the old-fashioned bulky models costing hundreds or thousands more.

Single high-powered transillumination
LED reveals hidden veins
Adjustable lens enables
instant focus flexibility
Slim aluminum design
fits your hand and pocket
Nylon wrist strap frees
your hands to work as soon
as the vein is located

Elegant simplicity of use empowers you

Used according to the easy, specific instructions, this technology finds veins as well as old-fashioned bulky models that cost hundreds or thousands more. Easy to learn in minutes. It supercharges your skills and pays off for a lifetime of better, faster care for patients.
Click the instant-on button located intuitively
on the bottom of the device.
Put gentle pressure on the patient’s skin and slowly move the transillumination light beam from side to side, revealing veins. (The veins appear immediately as shadows in the red glow.)
Aim the transillumination light beam directly around the vein you choose, to make it highly visible.

Illumivein® 100% Money-Back Guarantee removes all risk.

Hesitant after your experience of old-fashioned, poorly-designed, cheap “vein finders”? 

By contrast, Illumivein® is professionally designed for professionals. It uses a specific ~700 nanometer frequency of light that illuminates veins invisible to the naked eye, when the easy specific directions are followed. 

And if you’re not 100% happy, you get a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked. Simply email us with your order number at contact@illumivein.com, for a return authorization.