Reviews & Testimonials

Stephanie M. BSN, RN
Verified Buyer

The Illumivein light should be in the hands of anyone drawing blood. It takes a little practice at first but once you know what you are looking for, you can find a vein on almost anyone! Only downside is it requires a dark room, but all I do is turn off the lights, find the vein, mark it with a pen or surgical marker and then turn the light back on. Works like a charm.

John L. RN
Verified Buyer

I purchased the illumivein to help me find the best veins for IV’s and it works wonders. All I do is darken the room as much as I can, and the veins just pop out with the light. I mark the best ones, turn the lights back on and have success every time.

Prateek S.
Verified Buyer

The illumivein product is a very unique and interesting product. I saw this and immediately thought of my girlfriend. She’s currently a nursing student, so I thought this would be something she would enjoy and use. I had her try it out and she definitely liked it. Most times, it’s difficult to find a patient’s vein, especially if they’re extremely thin. However, with this light, it gives her the ability to find the patient’s vein more easily. It’s also a pretty awesome product if you’re just curious as to the direction on where blood flows through the body. So overall it’s a good quality vein finder, we both enjoyed and had fun using it.

Gabrielle G. BSN, RN
Verified Buyer

 I’ve used more expensive veins finder and this one is just as effective as
any other I’ve used. I work night shift and don't have as may resources when needing an IV on a hard stick patient. I was surprised how well it works on darker skin tones. It’s an amazing device! I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase and I would recommend it!!

Kaitlyn G.
Verified Buyer

This is a fun little practical tool for healthcare professionals. I am a certified Phlebotomist and an Emergency Medical Technician and sometimes I am unable to find any veins on my patients due to some medical issue (high body fat, low blood pressure, ect.). That is when I pull this tool out. It is very straightforward on how to use it. The more you can control the room lighting, the better you can see what you want you are looking for.

I attached a photo of the light going through my right hand. You can see the anatomy very well if you examine it closely. It was hard to get any more photos than that because my phone didn’t want to focus for me. I hope that will suffice for you shoppers.

Dale G.
Verified Buyer

I am a nursing student and I needed a vein finder to help me find veins. This one is way cheaper than most vein finders I found online and it does the job! It’s really useful and is the perfect tool for students. The difficult sticks are now easier for me to do. I highly recommend it!

Mark L.
Verified Buyer
Way way way better than a flashlight!

I read some of the other reviews and was a bit skeptical, so I put it to the test with a regular flashlight. The results blew my husband and me away. I was expecting to see the same with the Illumivein as I did with the flashlight and that didn’t happen. Sure the flashlight showed some stuff, but not nearly the amount of detail and distance that I could see with the Illumivein. The Illumivein showed MUCH greater detail and showed veins inches away. Now, I am one of the people with higher fat content and it was illuminating to see under the skin like that.

I can easily see the usefulness of this device and it’s well worth the price to pull out a device like this that actually does much more than a regular flashlight. Dimming the lights produced more dramatic results, but I was able to easily see the difference even in an average nighttime lit room.

Denise B.
Verified Buyer

The best product for any healthcare professional to enhance your skills.