Our Story

In 2014, Matthew Morin, BSN, RN, was working night shift on a medical-surgical unit. At night, resources are far and few between when it comes to starting IV's and drawing morning blood work. His unit decided to invest in a very expensive vein finder to help. Being intrigued by the new technology, Matthew began his research on how the vein finder worked and spiraled into many other products on the market.

Transillumination was the preferred technology and had a high success rate. However, all the vein finders had one major negative thing in common. They were VERY expensive! Ranging from $350 to $3,000 these high prices really limit how many nurses and phlebotomists can have access to them.

Matthew made it a mission to develop a vein finder that is more affordable and can be in the hands of every healthcare professional drawing blood or inserting IV lines. Just like every nurse has their own stethoscope, every nurse should have their own vein finder! When you are in a pinch, you shouldn't have to share the hospital's only vein finder. 

In 2015, Easy-RN, LLC was born and its first product being the Illumivein Vein Finder. Illumivein uses the same technology as other vein finders but at a much more affordable rate. To date it has helped over 30,000 healthcare professionals worldwide!