Frequently Asked Questions

What does my order come with?

1 x Illumivein® Vein Finder
1 x Instructional Guide 

Does my purchase include a satisfaction guarantee?
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What batteries does the Illumivein take?
(3 x AAA Batteries not included)

What are the specifications?

– 9 High Powered LEDs
– Red Illumination
– Black Aluminum Body
– Nylon Wrist Strap
– 3xAAA Batteries (not included)

How do I change the batteries?

Firmly rotate the back piece of the device in a counter clockwise direction. Remove the battery piece and insert 3 x AAA batteries in the direction indicated. Place back into the device and secure using a clockwise direction.

How do I clean the device?

We recommend cleaning with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes.

What is the Returns / Exchange Policy?

We offer a 30 refund policy on all sales through our website.

Is the Illumivein FDA Registered?

FDA Registered. The Illumivein® is a registered medical device under the Food & Drug Adminstration. 

Regulation #: 880.6350
Apex, NC 27539
United States
Operator #: 10050550

Legal Disclaimer

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