Illumivein The best vein finder

There are many people who are willing to donate blood, but the thought of having their skin pricked makes them a little squeamish. This feeling is more common than we think, and it certainly does not help when nurses can’t find our veins. You may think that locating a vein to draw blood is very simple, but people who have thin, or even ‘rolling’ veins or whose skin tone is dark don’t have it easy. It may take multiple sessions until a vein is found. By that time, they would have had to sit through many pricks and pokes of a needle, which for any person, is a little on the traumatic side.

Now a new device has been launched in the market – the Illumivein, which helps medical practitioners in detecting hard to find veins. This makes their lives infinitely easier and also helps in reassuring the patient that it will take only one prick to get the required blood for the test. With its unique light, the needle will always be placed in the exact desired location every single time.

It works when the light emitted from the special high intensity red LEDs are naturally absorbed by the deoxygenated hemoglobin in the blood stream. Thus creating a shadow like appearance against the surround tissue making it easier for nurses to detect the vein.

Although the technology is not new, the available models on the market are all priced $200 and above. Take for example - the Venoscope Vein finder which is priced at $220, or the Veinlite EMS which starts at a whopping $239 onwards. Created by a registered nurse who saw a need for a more affordable device in the market, the Illumivein is priced at a very affordable $24.99! The closer competitor is ten times the price of the Illumivein. Using the same technology, it delivers the same results and is available at a price that will make it easy for many medical practices to use for all patients.

Aimed not at huge medical institutions, but at nurses, doctors, EMTs and other health officials, the Illumivein is lightweight, portable and very simple to use. The goal is to see Illumivein as a necessary piece of equipment that each nurse or medical practitioner should have, similarly to how a stethoscope is essential for every medical practitioner.

To give you statistics, about 2.7 million I-Vs are started every day and one third of those end in failure. That is a huge margin of error that can be easily avoided with a simple device like the Illumivein. For new graduates who are embarking on their medical journey or medical students, this could be the answer to seamless and efficient blood withdrawals. The Illumivein provides confidence to nurses on verifying the location of a vein which means less effort by staff, more comfort for patients and an all round efficient medical practice.

It is always attention to the little details that makes a difference, and people tend to remember a bad experience more than a good one at a hospital. For blood donation agencies, this is a must-have as this will ensure that donors become regular. This FDA registered medical device has been rated as 100% safe as the LEDs used to emit the infra red light do not produce heat. If you’ve touched a flashlight after it has been used for an hour, you’ll know what I’m talking about. That means no heat abrasions or uncomfortable sessions.

Blood donation is often associated with awkward, slightly painful attempts and the use of this small, medical device may just make the difference in the blood donation experience. You may think that using a vein finder is for an inexperienced professional but this is just the opposite. Those using vein finders are taking advantage of technology to put patients at ease. Why blindlessly poke around and put the person in pain and at risk for infection?

The Illumivein’s LEDs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours – which works out to an incredible 11.4 years! With such a great deal, this small medical device is already being used in hospitals all over the world and is making a huge difference in the way blood donations are carried out.